Okinawa Here We Come!

Okinawa 2013, Okinawa here we come!

Konnichiwa!  It’s been official for quite some time now, but now that it’s right around the proverbial corner, Jody and I have finally started our blog “Far East Fling.”  We’ll use this medium (and media) to help keep in touch with friends, fans, and family while deployed overseas, so far to the east that it’s actually closer going west.  Please help us keep in touch by interacting early and often; although we are very excited about our upcoming move, we will miss all that we are leaving behind.


2 thoughts on “Okinawa Here We Come!

  1. We welcome our friends, family, and strangers to follow our journey to Okinawa and beyond. Kevin is an extremely creative and witty writer…he will make you laugh and cry through his vivid explanations and touching accounts of our experiences.

    This will really be the first time that I have lived in another country…off of a military base and able to experience the local culture. I look forward to living in Asia, but I will miss all those that continuously touch our lives in the States and from all corners of the globe. Come along…

    Visitors – always welcome!!!


    • Jody make sure your voice is heard here too! I know I can have a tendency to dominate (wink!). You’ll offer a fresh and completely different perspective from mine….

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