5 Anime Series for Non-Anime Fans

I really try to keep my site and blogs all-original content, but every once in a while, a blog is certainly worth reposting. As Japan-Hub states here in their blog, “In my humble opinion, the [anime] storylines are either too weird or too violent or just plain out ridiculous….” But, anime, as an Eastern art, is certainly worth investigating, if not appreciating, and the listing and reviews provided here I believe can offer anyone with a remote itch for something different and Far Eastern-centric a great place to start. I know I will.  It is time.


At least once a week, someone I know gives me a suggestion on an anime series to watch.  While I’m not an anime hater, I rarely give their suggestions a try.  In my humble opinion, the storylines are either too weird or too violent or just plain out ridiculous.  But once in a blue moon, I will get turned on to an anime that actually holds my interest and makes me look forward to the next episode.  Here are some of my suggestions for anime series that I feel any non-anime fan can enjoy and maybe even come to love:


attack on titan

Attack on Titan is THE anime to watch right now.  The premise is definitely intriguing: Mankind has been forced to live behind 3 concentric walls in order to protect themselves from Titans, huge and ugly giants whose only goal is to gobble up humans.  When titans…

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