‘Tis Healthy…to be sick sometimes….

Unfortunately, this quote by Henry David Thoreau makes hime a vicious – and most likely, a completely healthy liar! The hospital is not anywhere on the confident path of my dreams….

Dear Far East Fling Fans, I regret my relative absence online and lack of attention to this blog of late, but I unfortunately find myself hospitalized while on vacation home in the United States. Due originally back in Okinawa today with so many Far Eastern flirtations to share, I remain uncertain of my return date to the Ryukyu Islands that I so dearly call home, and thus remain literally an ocean apart from my laptop, my camera, and all the photos of me and Jody’s latest adventures, both Asian-inspired and Home-based.

Please remain patient (pun intended) and once I’m no longer a patient (literally) I’ll be back up and blogging with vigor. This illness is going to place my scuba diving instruction business on hold for the summer, which, luckily for you cyber-stalkers, will allow me even more time to share our flings and flirtations with and in the Far East.

Cheers to all my cyber-friends, and regards to all the Far East Fling flybys!

Pensacola, Florida
June 2014